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New and FINAL new name C:

2010-12-19 21:16:43 by DJArrow



i promise, this is my last new name!

RIP... summer 2010...

2010-08-15 02:27:24 by DJArrow

So heres the deal guys,

School starts up again in 10 days, FML. Anyway, during those 10 days I am going to be cramming as much production time as I can into my busy schedule. Right now I have about 4, maybe 5, songs started and expect to get at least 2 finished before school starts and have the other 3 just about done. Also, my and my brochacho are going to be setting up our workshops together and start collabing quite a bit, we have 2 songs started.... I think.... I'm too lazy to open FL and check... anyway expect lots of collabs and possibly a joint account for both of us.

ONCE SCHOOL STARTS (pay attention, this is important), I'm focusing on school and I'm not planning on even opening FL at all during the first couple of weeks or months of school because I seriously need to step up my game because I'm tired of being the smartest kid in the lowest classes... I'd much rather be the dumbest kid in the highest class so thats what I'm going to make happen.

Also, during the school year I still promise you guys songs for winter, halloween, and spring... if I can think of a song for spring.

So over the next 10 days, check often because songs will be magically appearing and then over the next school year check back during the holidays. OH! I'll still be on my msn everyday so if you wanna chat I'm at

Well, its been real guys, see you next summer! :D

Moon Drops and stuff

2010-07-28 18:50:11 by DJArrow

Well if you've heard my latest song "Moon Drops" you should know that it is flipping huge. So I don't know what to do next.

Should I try to make moon drops shorter or should i just render it at a lower quality and get all 11 minutes to fit into 8mb?

Should i make another trance song, a dance song, or a house song?

OR should i go back to "Never Forever" and make a new version of that?

Leave your opinions in the comments


2010-07-13 20:41:08 by DJArrow


...indeed, its officially mau5 time.

The Trance song you've all been waiting for!

2010-07-12 15:04:10 by DJArrow

So heres the dealio,
If you read my last news post, and you probably didn't because I have no fans, I started working on a BIG trance song. Well, I'm about half way done and when its sampled at 256kb its 8mb. So, obviously the full song when its done will not fit on newgrounds.... sampled a 256kb. So, do you want me to have the full song on newgrounds sampled at a much much MUCH lower quality or a higher quality portion of the song and then a link to a download site?

UPDATE: its finished, here are the results:
At 256kb, its 20mb
At 320, its 26mb
And at 450, its 36mb

So, do you want a regular song that is a huge file or a high quality song that is a fucking huge file, or somewhere in the middle? Obviously, there will be a download link to the full song and a demo on NG.

Leave your opinion in a comment

Ok heres whats up

2010-06-17 17:18:42 by DJArrow

So me and DanceNation were having a talk about trance. I told him I could easily make a pro trance song if I tried. He doesn't believe me.
So for my next song, its gonna to be a pro trance song whether you like trance or not.

And someone is still zeroing my songs. Fuck off whoever is doing it.



2010-06-14 04:26:01 by DJArrow

Whats next?

Trance? House? Dance?
I feel like making another happy song, maybe an electro house, maybe even Drum n Bass! So, keep an eye out for that.

In other news, Never Forever and Remember continue to do well on the charts, If Love Made a Sound is not however doing as well.

Be sure to download the full version of If Love Made a Sound at... this link. Its a much higher quality and well, its the full version.

In OTHER other news, you probably noticed the new banners and such... I like them.

In OTHER OTHER other news, I gave a bad review to one of last weeks top 5 songs,
Dreamscape - To the Stars, and someone read that review and zeroed all my songs. Thanks douche bag.


What do you want?

2010-06-08 02:01:09 by DJArrow

Well, what do you want?

Did you like Remember or If Love Made A Sound? I know remember has lots of room to change stuff around and whatnot but If Love Made A Sound dosn't have all that much. I can just continue Remember or I could start a more Electro House sorta thing.... yea I'm gonna do that. Maybe ill make Remember electro house ish... who knows.

Well im all up for suggestion so hit me up at

Oh, and REMEMBER (lol) If Love Made A Sound! ...links below....
Promo Edition or "NG Cut"
Full Edition, Rapidshare link


So here it is...

2010-06-01 15:58:28 by DJArrow

"...All of my songs are HUGE! The one I was about to upload today was 14.6 MB and it's a WIP!..."

Thats what I said in my last post. Now, I have decided how I am going to share this massive project with you guys.

I'm going to upload a promo or "NG Cut" of the song, the link is below, but then I'm going to use rapidshare to upload the whole thing.

Turns out this song completed is 15 MB on the dot so its a long, big, and good sounding song.

As promised here are the links,

Promo Edition or "NG Cut"
Full Edition, Rapidshare link

Well anyway, be sure to check out my older songs. Don't forget to vote on, download, and review the promo.

Bit of an issue

2010-05-29 21:05:39 by DJArrow

So heres the news,

I've been making songs because school is starting to slow down before the end of the year so I have lots of free time. In fact, I have so much free time that I have put too much work into my songs! All of my songs are HUGE! The one I was about to upload today was 14.6 MB and it's a WIP!

So, what am I going to do? Most of the songs sound stupid if I try to cut the intro or something so I can't really post NG cuts. Any suggestions?