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Ok heres whats up

2010-06-17 17:18:42 by DJArrow

So me and DanceNation were having a talk about trance. I told him I could easily make a pro trance song if I tried. He doesn't believe me.
So for my next song, its gonna to be a pro trance song whether you like trance or not.

And someone is still zeroing my songs. Fuck off whoever is doing it.



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2010-07-01 19:46:55

hmm.... prove it...

DJArrow responds:

I'm workin on it!


2010-07-09 11:22:37

I'm the one Zeroing your songs; and rightfully so considering your songs blow shit.


2010-07-09 11:25:46

Where's this trance song? i've finished like 2 already.....

(Updated ) DJArrow responds:

this trance song may not be uploaded to newgrounds! :O
ill send you it when im done but its going on an album soooo idk if im gonna release it to the public

and btw, ive been on vacation for 10 days so i havnt really done any work