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So here it is...

2010-06-01 15:58:28 by DJArrow

"...All of my songs are HUGE! The one I was about to upload today was 14.6 MB and it's a WIP!..."

Thats what I said in my last post. Now, I have decided how I am going to share this massive project with you guys.

I'm going to upload a promo or "NG Cut" of the song, the link is below, but then I'm going to use rapidshare to upload the whole thing.

Turns out this song completed is 15 MB on the dot so its a long, big, and good sounding song.

As promised here are the links,

Promo Edition or "NG Cut"
Full Edition, Rapidshare link

Well anyway, be sure to check out my older songs. Don't forget to vote on, download, and review the promo.


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