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Bit of an issue

2010-05-29 21:05:39 by DJArrow

So heres the news,

I've been making songs because school is starting to slow down before the end of the year so I have lots of free time. In fact, I have so much free time that I have put too much work into my songs! All of my songs are HUGE! The one I was about to upload today was 14.6 MB and it's a WIP!

So, what am I going to do? Most of the songs sound stupid if I try to cut the intro or something so I can't really post NG cuts. Any suggestions?



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2010-05-29 21:52:33

Either suffer the quality or find transition points within the songs and release the songs like "song Title: Part A" and so on.

DJArrow responds:

I dont think splitting 4 to 6 minute songs into like 3 parts would be easy or enjoyable, but its a good idea


2010-05-30 19:29:23

Either that or post a preview and link to an alternative host.