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The Trance song you've all been waiting for!

2010-07-12 15:04:10 by DJArrow

So heres the dealio,
If you read my last news post, and you probably didn't because I have no fans, I started working on a BIG trance song. Well, I'm about half way done and when its sampled at 256kb its 8mb. So, obviously the full song when its done will not fit on newgrounds.... sampled a 256kb. So, do you want me to have the full song on newgrounds sampled at a much much MUCH lower quality or a higher quality portion of the song and then a link to a download site?

UPDATE: its finished, here are the results:
At 256kb, its 20mb
At 320, its 26mb
And at 450, its 36mb

So, do you want a regular song that is a huge file or a high quality song that is a fucking huge file, or somewhere in the middle? Obviously, there will be a download link to the full song and a demo on NG.

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