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RIP... summer 2010...

2010-08-15 02:27:24 by DJArrow

So heres the deal guys,

School starts up again in 10 days, FML. Anyway, during those 10 days I am going to be cramming as much production time as I can into my busy schedule. Right now I have about 4, maybe 5, songs started and expect to get at least 2 finished before school starts and have the other 3 just about done. Also, my and my brochacho are going to be setting up our workshops together and start collabing quite a bit, we have 2 songs started.... I think.... I'm too lazy to open FL and check... anyway expect lots of collabs and possibly a joint account for both of us.

ONCE SCHOOL STARTS (pay attention, this is important), I'm focusing on school and I'm not planning on even opening FL at all during the first couple of weeks or months of school because I seriously need to step up my game because I'm tired of being the smartest kid in the lowest classes... I'd much rather be the dumbest kid in the highest class so thats what I'm going to make happen.

Also, during the school year I still promise you guys songs for winter, halloween, and spring... if I can think of a song for spring.

So over the next 10 days, check often because songs will be magically appearing and then over the next school year check back during the holidays. OH! I'll still be on my msn everyday so if you wanna chat I'm at

Well, its been real guys, see you next summer! :D


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2010-08-15 05:12:56

Well whoever you are good luck to you. However, for life to be complete you should pursue all your drams and ddismiss none. You better work hard at school and at music (:


2010-08-15 13:37:59

Good luck man, and i agree with you on the school thing, but open up FL as a stress reliever. It could help.


2010-08-15 17:27:13

I will miss you. Dont leave Newgrounds for good though. Id miss you even more <3

DJArrow responds:

Oh dont worry, ill still be checking my profile and current songs but i wont be uploading or really doing anything else


2010-08-22 21:23:20

i feel ur pain... :C i to am starting school soon with a project in progress... Dx lol but i guess the only way to get anything done is to be relentless! :D i wish ya luck! and keep up the great work! :D